Sunday, October 25, 2009

give it to me, stud.

I'm sorry Blogger, but things just aren't working out.

yeaaaa brother, that's where it's at :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

we stuck like glue eh

There are very little things that I think are sexier than Pin-Up girls.
Like seriously, they are fineeee.

just another one of my secret loves :)

P.S planning on killing the blog, and doing the whole Tumblr thing.
My cousin will love me more if I do hahahha x

Monday, October 19, 2009

so let me walk with you, hold my hand

You could say that I am a very particular person. I don't mind, honestly :) I'm particular about plenty of things: the length of dresses, the thickness of fringes, the height of a heel and the amount of space I have in my bed at the end of the night. I am very particular indeed. However, above all this insanity, the one thing that drives me absolutely insane is when someone calls me something they shouldn't. See, I don't have one name that I tell everyone, and expect to be called. No, I have more names than I can count =.= So, when I tell someone to call me something, and instead they call me by a name that someone else calls me by, it absolutely shits me. No one other than Amee or K. Yan has the right to call me tiki, and I can't stand it when people who I introduce myself to as Atiqah, call me Fatti (like who do these people think they are?) Please don't call me baby unless you are my baby, and just never ever call me babe, girl or tiqs (ugghh). Despite being expected to be treated like a complete princess all the time, there is only one person who can get away with actually calling me that, hahaha :) I would punch anyone who called me Grinchwoman that wasn't Lizzle, and feel completely uncomfortable with anyone but Boo calling me Gemok. I find it a complete turn on when guys call me Atiqah in the cyber world, yet totally weird when anyone but my family call me that in real life. So after Fatti (to those who I have introduced myself to as that, of course), my most preferred way of being called is Tiqa, and though I remain completely normal when anyone else calls me by that name, I hate it when this one specific guy does because it sounds so sleazy when he does, yet go weak in the knees when another particular guy calls me by it LOL.

As i said, I am very particular :)
So please, call me by what I agreed on when we first met, unless of course there have been prior arrangements hahhahaa.


Friday, October 16, 2009

distance is nothing

The love that I have for these two is amazing.
We see each other like once every two years,
and every time it's like we haven't even spent a second apart.
This here, THIS is love.
love feeeeet :)
mijaaaaa !

dirty dirty dirty teeeth LOL
starting to get a little Holy, as we do :)

then things satrted to get a little out of hand when I put on a scarf ...
Yes, yes I do love these two =D

Thursday, October 15, 2009

absentmindedly making me want you

I want to do something completely irrational, crazy and maybe stupid.
Yes, I would like to.
I would like to alot.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

i aint never had nobody do me like you

while in Bali, i learnt of many things: culture, relationships, love, heartbreak, secrets - well basically, the lot :) but something that amazed me the most was how two people could possess the same mannerisms due to the two spending alot of  time with one another. Now it's obvious that this is a complete no-brainer, and no, I am not stupid - It's very clear to me that when people spend crazy amounts of time with each other they tend to act and think the same, but what amazed me was that two people i know, who had spent years apart after being together still did such similar things. A cousin of mine has an ex-boyfriend in Bali, and with the two of them being so completely mature, we spent every single day with him, which was nice because he showed us around and was plenty of fun. Things weren't awkward and they didn't avoid each other, but when i wasn't meddling, trying to get the two of them back together, i was sitting in between them to make things well, easier. This of course in the end made things so much more worse because fiza (my cousin) would do something to me, and then sheike ( "shake" - the ex) would do the exact same thing ! This of course resulted into me teasing the two on how they are destined because of their similarities. We were sitting @ a table eating dinner, my left leg crossed over my right and sheikh started trying to kick off my slipper. getting pissed, i switched it over and crossed my right over my left but then fiza started doing the same thing. This just made me laugh instead of get  angry, and as i teased the two about how it must've been a game the two played while out on dates, i got told to shut up :( hahaha, not only did they have little things like that in common, but i swear their touch was the same. Now, i know it sounds crazy because despite them doing the same little things, no matter how much time two people spend together they can;t possibly learn to have the same touch, but they did. I'd be lying on the bed reading and sheikh would come up to me and annoy me by tickling my thunder thighs, and after shooing him off, fiza would come and do the same thing. I swear if i didnt look at her, i would have thought it was still Sheikh. The thing that amazes me even more is that the two hadnt even SEEN each other in almost two years and yet they were like two peas in a pod. It's crazy how things dont work out huh ? especially when its for two wonderful people :) it sucks how too many things can happen that change too many things making it impossible for things to go back to how they used to. Humans sure are funny creatures.

in good company

I fell in love in Bali. I did. Me, terrified of commitment in all forms, fell completely and utterly in love. That's right: While in Bali, I fell in love with Bali :) the place is absolutely surreal. It's crawling with JUST as many tourists as locals, and honestly, fuck New York, Bali is REALLY the city that never sleeps. Clubs go OFF every single night till 4/5 in the morn, and by then, surfers are upupup to catch the morning wave - it's insane. Yes it is completely dangerous if yu travel like an idiot, but when acting wisely, the place is a haven. If yu're one for the parties, yu canNOT retire till yu have been in Bali. It's really something yu must experience for yurself :) Bali def made me see many things like never before.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The fire's in their eyes and their words are really clear

it's hard being away from family - especially the little ones. when yu're there, they love yu, but when yu come back after a year, yu have to know them all over again because there's no way they remember yu. My nephew and baby cousin are so full of energy, its insane ! one of them was dancing and singing to michael jackson, while the other one hit me everytime MJ said ' beat it '. hahaha, it took me about 10 minutes to get em to know me again :) best spent 10 minutes of my life !

my butch 3 year old nephew.
if yu look closely, he is sitting on my face !
LOL, asshole.
my cousin :)
i love this kid
... okay maybe a little less now =P
pornstar in the making, just like his aunty, yurs truly ;)
baby cousin in the background :) little shit
devil child !

they were bashing the shit out of each other - and me !

How can yu NOT go weak in the knees ?
these little shits are the reason why i up with this ridiculous singaporean weather !

nd I must say, my malay is getting pretty good =P hahah

you take my hand and drag me head first - fearless

uugghh, for some lame ass reason, when i upload photos, they turn out like mammoth and dont fit on the page properly =/ its soooo weird ! nd hasnt happened before ! *sigggh. so screw my photo post :(

Now, for those wanting to travel to singapore for god knows what reason, here are some pointers:

- if yu dont like heat in even the SLIGHTEST way, dont come here. I was born and bred in a sunburnt country and fuck i can't stand this shit ! i constantly feel light headed :(

- there are perves everywhere ! although there is absolutely no way yu can wear anything BUT shorts and singlets, i suggest that when yu do, prepare yurself to get looked at, whistled  at and occasionally molested

- there are inadequate sings everywheeeere ! LOL yest,  me & my sister came across
" more shop upstair "
" more seatings inside "

god this place makes me laugh

- unless travelling with a snooty, prissy bitch like my older sister, catch public transport ! I can;t say much about singapore as it isnt too great (LOL), but their public transport system is amazing ! ... cabs too are cheap, so knock yurselves out !

- when going out to eat, money isn't a huge problem. I bought AUD5 of food, and couldnt even finish it cause it was so much ! hahaha,shopping however, bring plenty !

- and of course, learn to bargain ! me and ameerah SUCK at it, so we just take whats given to us =P but if yu know how, it's definitely no harm !

hahahha, travel tips on bali and kuala lumpur will soon follow =P
hope yu all are well ! i know i sure am !

xx fatti

Friday, September 25, 2009

home :)

finally in singapore :) been here less than 24 hours, and already i have: had maccas twice, been molested, told off two guys and insulted some chick on her english - yeap, feels like home !

Monday, September 21, 2009

every sky was your own kind of blue

to all of my like what ? one reader out there ? hahaha, I apologise greatly for my lack of posts :) not that they're very interesting or anything, LOL. but anyway the past week has been insane due to the last week of ramadhan and eid and just everything. I have a few things i need to do in terms of school work before i leave in THREE days, and just have no time to do them ! I havent even started packing for my month long trip =.= nd have this english speech to do by TONIGHT. but as my "inner procrastinator" - as lizzle would call it - has decided to give me a little visit, his name btw is Aristotle, it had made it impossible to do anything. And to add onto that, Zee (the mother) has decided to chuck a mini eid open hse and so if i wanna get anything done, i shall have to sleep @ about 4 in the morn. Oh well, time spent sleeping is time wasted.

till we meet again, fatti.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

right there, in the middle of the parking lot

some fucking dick mowed my lawn and cut all the fucking dandelions

Monday, September 14, 2009

I don't know if life is greater than death, but love was greater than either.

Nostalgia Blows.

The thirst that my throat has for the boxed Chrysanthemum Tea that Mira used supply our room with can never be quenched, as every instant tom yam noodle packet will forever take me back to the days that I used to consume the delicious bowlfuls that Lamb used to make. My legs constantly long for the comfort of long cotton pyjama pants, as not even Chanel can create something with more beauty. My ears and mouth remain connected through Lovers and Friends and Always Be My Baby, as every time any of these tunes enter my ears, I break out into immediate laughter and a cry of happiness as I remember Lala’s stupid performances and Babri’s company that fateful night we spent at the roundabout. For every time I see She’s the Man playing anywhere, I can hear Begum’s screeches in the background, and if I close my eyes, the image of us sitting through that spider scene about 40 times is as clear as yesterday. Just the mention of pepper spray places an image of Najiah and I’s little stakeout in my room that consisted of her clutching the keyring pepper spray with all her might, and me pathetically holding a long wooden rod, the both of us ready to pounce on the beast at any given moment. Then there’s Izzy. My everyday reminder of how simple life used to be

Nostalgia Blows.

it's not much at all,
but my best year was here.

chuck me a waterfall,
and i will love yu for forevermore.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

this time baby, ill be bulletproof

i love ramadhan
this shit is epic

12 days till singapooore

Thursday, September 10, 2009

drive real fast with your eyes closed

after loosing two consecutive games of jenga PLUS putting up with more stupid made up jenga games,
one of which my brother called 'Jai Ho',
i knocked the friggen wood tower over and left the room.

returning two minutes later, i found this:

my brother is 20

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

i've got a man with two left feet

the prettiest pair of ankle killers i will ever semi-own

(they're really my sisters) :D
i want to run away, and get married in them

momma says they look like dog collars.
but what does she know ? HAH

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

defying gravity

the pamily :)

i know i'd know an angel if i saw one

you cannot do this to me.
not after this long.
not after i have come this far...

Monday, September 7, 2009


yesterday, the siblings, most of my cousins, and i went over to my brothers place to break our fast together while the 'rents did so @ the mosque. due to the fact that they thought we were incapable of feeding ourselves, the mothers packed us up with insane amounts of food =D hahaha, we ate, ate, ate, prayed a little then spent the rest of the night playing tennis and seven player FIFA on abangs PS3 :) being the only girl playing, all the boys fought over who's team i'd go on because clearly it would be the loosing one =.= LOL, there were seven of us altogether, and i got put on the three-man team; we ended up winning two out of three games ! SCOOORE.

you could say that i'm only capable of loving one way.
i don't know how to be in love,
but i can definitely love with all my heart.

my gorgeous cousin :)
and again :)
around the ps3
"what do you find a kitchen ?"
this bitch be pimpin' ;) LOL

i definitely love these people with all my heart.


last monday, the chicas ( well three of them ) et moi, left the house at an ungodly hour ( me personally @ seven =.= ) to be at the city by 730 to watch GUY perform, and get him to sign our CD's :)
lucky for us, on the way, me nd baybee's bus broke down.
but we managed to get there by 750 for the performance :))

us waiting in line @ the shop for guy to come.

lalala, hello guy ;) hahahah
despite the boobs,
he didn't go for me :( HAHHAHAH
after getting the CD's signed, we waited outside till he came :)

nd then finally ! weeeee :)
this was taking shortly after they hooked up !
fully satisfied, we headed off to tiffany's :)

tadaaaah :)
this is the absolute love of my life, by faaar.
okay fine, after amelia hahahha.

we were there much too early,
everything still wasn't opened yet :(
we got to school eventually...
later that afternoon ? hahahah

my tumtum hurts :( situps make me sore, and burp LOL.