Thursday, October 8, 2009

i aint never had nobody do me like you

while in Bali, i learnt of many things: culture, relationships, love, heartbreak, secrets - well basically, the lot :) but something that amazed me the most was how two people could possess the same mannerisms due to the two spending alot of  time with one another. Now it's obvious that this is a complete no-brainer, and no, I am not stupid - It's very clear to me that when people spend crazy amounts of time with each other they tend to act and think the same, but what amazed me was that two people i know, who had spent years apart after being together still did such similar things. A cousin of mine has an ex-boyfriend in Bali, and with the two of them being so completely mature, we spent every single day with him, which was nice because he showed us around and was plenty of fun. Things weren't awkward and they didn't avoid each other, but when i wasn't meddling, trying to get the two of them back together, i was sitting in between them to make things well, easier. This of course in the end made things so much more worse because fiza (my cousin) would do something to me, and then sheike ( "shake" - the ex) would do the exact same thing ! This of course resulted into me teasing the two on how they are destined because of their similarities. We were sitting @ a table eating dinner, my left leg crossed over my right and sheikh started trying to kick off my slipper. getting pissed, i switched it over and crossed my right over my left but then fiza started doing the same thing. This just made me laugh instead of get  angry, and as i teased the two about how it must've been a game the two played while out on dates, i got told to shut up :( hahaha, not only did they have little things like that in common, but i swear their touch was the same. Now, i know it sounds crazy because despite them doing the same little things, no matter how much time two people spend together they can;t possibly learn to have the same touch, but they did. I'd be lying on the bed reading and sheikh would come up to me and annoy me by tickling my thunder thighs, and after shooing him off, fiza would come and do the same thing. I swear if i didnt look at her, i would have thought it was still Sheikh. The thing that amazes me even more is that the two hadnt even SEEN each other in almost two years and yet they were like two peas in a pod. It's crazy how things dont work out huh ? especially when its for two wonderful people :) it sucks how too many things can happen that change too many things making it impossible for things to go back to how they used to. Humans sure are funny creatures.

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