Sunday, August 30, 2009

we're chasing vodka with high-fives

Meet my brother.
If you're not familiar w/ take you down by Chris Brown,
then go and listen to it now because this wont make sense.
for you stupid ones: yes, this IS a joke :)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

a critic and a skeptic, a traitor - i'd trade her in a second

alors, its the big sisters birthday tomorrow,
nd after school i went to eastgardens to buy her the phone that she wanted
but it was out of stock,
in BOTH places uuggghh.
so I made a card and a little baggy thing

like so,
and placed the $500 dollars innit :)
I'm very proud, because my artistic level is like ZERO,
nd so, turning a plain white envolope into THAT ^
is like a huge accomplishment


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

getting intoxicated every weekend, he makes my heart go ooh ooh ooh

it is day 5 of fasting, and i am so

only another 25 days to go before adequate amounts of sleep are possible.

yesterday the big sister, amee, bought me this audrey book !
hahaha, she txted me the other day during school
saying she bought me present.
I had a feeling it was the book, but didnt wanna get my hopes up.
but then when i got home, BAM ! there it was =D
it is now my most prize posession, wooo.

I am so completely infatuated by her

hahaha, okay now I am off to break my fast and eat this cake i have been drooling over for the past few hours !

Monday, August 24, 2009

i'm sorry i can't be the right kind of monster for you

everyone, this is ryan.
or babies as i like to call him :)
he is the best ungay best friend a chica could ask for !
i def love him like a fat kid loves cake.
in fact, i love him like i love kebabs,

we're like a married couple, we are.
he sits on the couch with my head in his lap,
sharing an ipod and complaining about each others choice of song
while he plays with the DS
and i complete my sodukos.
he laughs at me because i have to use white out,

momma even loves him more than she does me :(

babies is props the reason why i hate relationships.
having him around is commitment enough !
hhahhah :)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

i want this forever, i swear i can spend whatever on it

decent clothing
no swearing
constant tiredness

finally, the best part of the year has come (Y) its ramadan, and so we muslims fast :) being a 'holy' month and all, every night is spent praying at the mosque, returning home at a late hour with no time to do school work, then awaking at like 430 to have breakfast as we cant eat for the day T.T practically living at the mosque also means all the shorts and singlets are pushed to the back of the cupboard, and the bearzeroskin clothes come out. UGH, if theres one thing i hate, its having to wear full length pants =.= swearing is not allowed too, because if yu do yur fast SOO doesnt count. + the odd waking/sleeping hours make me TIRED THE WHOLE MONTH THROUGH. you'd think that id be used to it huh ? having fasted for like the past 7 years, but nay. a princess needs her sleep ! but as far as swearing goes, im happy i have to stop doing it. seeing as i swear like trailer trash and have been trying to stop for like YEARS on end, i hope NOT doing it becomes habit and i wont rely on filthy language anymore :)

hahaha, i dont know if as a muslim, im actually allowed to say this, but i dont particularly enjoy fasting. i mean, if there's one thing that everyone knows about me, its that i love eating, and fasting forbids me from doing that ! LOL, nevertheless, it still remains my favourite time of year :) throughout the other 11 months that i spend not fasting, i have little or no power over my body, partly beacuse im lazy as **** (cant swear, LOL), but also because i just tell myself not to bother because eventually i'll give up and fail. but this one month of the whole year, i feel as though i have complete power of my body because i can tell myself to stop eating :) who knew starving was healthy for the mind ? hahahaha but yesyes, fasting makes me feel king =D its also believed that during this sacred month, Allah locks up all the devils, and so the desicions we make are entirely ours, and have no inlfuence from the satan whatsoever. see ? this month gives me power beyond belief ! ahahaha.

but above any other power-influenced reason, my favourite part of fasting is family. i see my cousins and aunties and uncles non stop during the month. we always get together to break our fast, hence eating like pigs and putting on disgraceful amounts of weight :) we pray together, and then try really hard not to gossip or b***h, as that isnt allowed too :) hhahaha, we fail ALOT more often then we succeed, but its fun trying !

as yesterday was the very first day of fastingg, all the fambam got together at aunty shidahs house in beverly hills to eateateat ! it was the first one of the year, so of course it was lovely to do it with the cousinss++ :) before i left the house i told myself to bring the camera so i can show yu pictures of how we usually do things, but didnt remember till i was in the car halfway there =.= after eating then praying then eating again, my other aunty sent me, my brother and two other of cousins to get the stuff to make teh tarik (which is malay for tea pull ?) from her place. on the way there, instead of doing things the PROPER way, my NON-LISCENCED cousin decided to drive as apposed to my completely legal brother T.T ugghh, as i was sitting shotgun, they started cracking jokes about how if we got pulled over, i'd be the one busted and wouldnt be able to get my lisence till im 21. obviously i believed them and shat myslf the whole way. im semi like the youngest ones of my cousins, and so i HATE it when they pull me into their illegal schemes. okay fine, driving wthout a lisence isnt that big a deal, but it was to me last night for the 15 minutes that i was riding shotgun. and its a $400 dollar fine if you get caught !

after returning safely to beverly hills with all limbs attached, we prayed a little more, then like me and 10 of cousins went into the piano room where they had DS tetris wars :) ahahah, after they failed to beat abang imran, half of them left and kak mel brought out the STACK of music sheets. i went through most of them (there was WAY too many !) and picked the songs i wanted her to play. she plays the piano like a friggen prooo, and so needed no practice :) she played while i sang - this was clearly for fun as my voice is as soothing as a cat dying. we did all good ones like: aint no mountain high, the special two, lean on me, stand by me, beauty and the beast, hero, no one, if i aint got you, part of your world and somebody to love. there are about a biljillion more (as we were going for like 3 hours) but i cant really think of them :) hhahaha, about an hour into the music session, one of my uncles came in and started playing the guitar. so kak mel played a thousand miles on the piano, uncle rick echoed with the guitar and i ruined it all with my singing. it was waaaaay fun ! after a couple of hours passed, hanis and qistina took over singing, while me and ryan laid down on the couch behind them. he was playing DS and i was doing sudokus ( I DID SEVEN, WOOO ). i dont remember why, but i didnt stop laughing for the rest of the night. i dont even think anything was funny really.

at about half past midnight, momma came to the back of the house and collected ameerah, hames and I to go home. after screaming ten more minutes about three times, we gave in and left with her. upon entering the car, i looked up and saw STARS ! yea, we dont get that in coogee :( hahahha. we got home at like a little pass one. i listened to everyone in the house fall asleep while i played soliatire for another hour and a half, weeee.

bleeh, sorry sorry, i dont want this blog to be one of those recountingwhatididthroughoutthweek blogs, but i couldnt help myself today. i just loveee this time of year ! it wont happen often, PROMISE !

Friday, August 21, 2009

a funny little thing

i love, love. i do.

not the needy type of love, nor the type of love that demands phone calls or texts throughout the whole day. not the sort that craves attention, for real love is not the slightest bit selfish
. but the kind of love that happens a million times a day. the smile-y sort of love that makes a person giggle to themselves for no apparent reason. the love you find in the sky or in the smile of a stranger. i love the love that makes one float and glow. the love that some find in the waves and the sand, in lightning and thunder, or in the sun and the grass. i love when the people i love, find love. when they allow themselves to fall. whether it be for the sky, a star, or the moon. i love looking into a loved ones eyes, and finding love.

i just love, love. i do.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

you hear her talking but don't hear what she said

it's the little things that make me laugh,
today was definitely a good one (Y)

words of wisdom:

fatti xo

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

i wont fry your head, if you dont poach my heart

my favourite little shits in the world :)
they are always in motion,
its basically impossible to get a still shot !

this is what our conversations are like:
rhys: tiqa, you know right, the day before yesterday yesterday, amelia had a princess tantrum ! she took all of she pillows and all of shes matress and put it on the floor ! ALL because she wanted chocolate. do yu believe that ?!
fatti/me: ohmygod ! Missy, yu know you don't get anything when yu cry.
amelia: YEAAA, but I want chocolayte and rhys was crazy that night !
rhys: NO I WASN'T
amelia: YES
*and then they start screaming on top of each other*

having them run around my house is priceless entertainment.

they never stop pulling faces

and climbing all over shit !

I love these two beyond belief.
yea, we're ruthless.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

just one spark starts a fire

lookie at what I bought for $9 !
I was out shopping w/ momma et ma petit soeur (who she spent $170 on! uuggh) and we came across this.
Momma hated it, but I still made her buy it for me - woooooo.
I wore it to the library and wanted to wear my bikini top under it to seem all cool, like I had just been to the beach,
but decided against it because that's just beyond lame, LOL.
I feel like i'm on safari when I wear it.
I love cheap finds :)

I am ALWAYS eating.
didn't even bother putting down the wrap while taking pictures.
it explains my size huh ? hahahah

current obsession: send it on - jonas brothers, demi lovato, selena gomez and MILEY CYRUS !
shuttup, I'm still a kid okay ? =P I love my miley and selena.

- fatti xo

Saturday, August 15, 2009

where you lead, I will follow

40 days. 40, 40, 40 days !

forty days till I say farewell to papa and embark on an adventure with the big sister ! forty days till I escape school and its horridness. forty days till I see my family that I've missed so much over the past year and a half. forty days till i begin my singaporebalikualalumper trip ! the 24th of september needs to hurry up. it needs to hurry so I can be at the singapore airlines gate ready to board my plane. it needs to hury, hurry, hurry up ! okay, so yes I can't count the nuber of times I've been to singapore, and I did live in kuala lumpur for a year while in boarding school, but I still get excited everytime I go :) usually when we go back home, it's w/ the entire clan, but this time, nay :) hahaha, this is the first holiday where it will just be me and ameerah. all my cousins think i'm gunna drive her absolutely mental in the onemonthandabit that we'll be spending together, and I have to say I agree completely, but she dosn't seem to think so for some odd reason. I guess she's gotten used to me after 15 years ? Both of us have never been to bali, so this should be sweeeet. We're heading off with my cousin, and when she satys in Bali for a little longer, we'll be off to Kuala Lumpur. Despite the grossness of the city, and the COMPLETE lack of delicious men, I must say that it is one of, if not my favourite place in the world - I definitely had my best year there, hands down.

As yu can see: I can't wait. I really, really, cant wait.

Friday, August 14, 2009

now now now now now

it's no secret that I have a million things to say.
i am always talking.
so if yu gave me a talk show, i'd never let you down.
if yu gave me a talk show, i'd be happy forever.
if yu gave me a talk show, this is what I would say right now:

"Rachel McAdams, I cannot wait till yur movie comes out.
I cannot wait to sit and fall in love with yu all over again.
I cannot, cannot wait :)"

"Call me crazy,
but I adore what Miley wore to the TCA's :)
this is one disney star with balls"

"tiffany, or whoever yu really are,
thank you.
thank you for allowing me to dream"
and Lance,
go screw yurself.
I don't want to pick my subjects for next year,
I don't want to grow old !
I only have 9 units,
and if it were up to me, I'd fuck the other four.
but the ministry of education says no.
so someone pick me another four units ? kthanx :)

if I had a talk show, I'd make my viewers vote.
if i had a talk show, that is what I would say.

god, please give me a talk show.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

don't stop till you get enough

07082009 - fatti got busaaaaaay, LOL
clubbing @ 15 is good for the soul :) hahahha

My name was Tiqa. I was in year 12 at Sydney Girls, and wanted to study law in uni next year
... Well that's who everyone thought I was ;)

ugl - oh wait no, just my normal face ...

lalala - fatti x

Sunday, August 9, 2009

baby get shakey

We had mufti day on Friday, and despite my best efforts, I still went to school looking like crap :) I never want to not have uniform. I hate my closet.
location: Randwick Girls (are) High


Midi trying to slyly stick out her tits ;)

Gracie has no idea what's going on ... ever !

Maroua putting some moves on the new maths teacher

Lizzle storming off cause of Lisa being a douhe :)

still angry ...

mat too ...

Leesal's even mad at herself ! LOL

hahah, nd now all is well.
lovee them ! ... sometimes

My Saturday was awesome :)
not in the igotsosmashedidon'tevenrememberanythingbecausegettingdrunkissocool kinda way,
but because I spent it with my cousins, siblings, aunties etc.

It isn't all unusual since my weekends are usually always spent with them,
but Saturday was nice.
and my babies grew a year older !

Amelia - My most favourite-est person in the whole world :)
due to almost raising her, she possesses many of my mannerisms.
She's fiesty, talks back like a little bitch, is an absolute princess,
and of course, just like me, her laugh is OUT of this world.

Mia making her own cupcakes - without washing her hands ! hahahah

Rhysrhysrhys ! hhahaha, my first kidd - Amelia's older brother :)
Unfortunately for them, they have the same birthday !

TAG TEAM ! He loves his soccer
... and lego, and bioncle, and transfromers T.T

I'm guessing these next three photos of Amelia's toys were taken by ma petit soeur,
and despite their so outofplace-ness, I digg em ! hahah

Sophia - she makes me want kids NOW !

I lovelovelove this picture :)
You could say Amelia is almost as prissy as her sister Hannah !

Cannot get enough of: Stuck with each other - Akon feat. Shontelle
Akon annoys the crap out of me, but I tend to really like his songs ! hahaha