Thursday, October 8, 2009

in good company

I fell in love in Bali. I did. Me, terrified of commitment in all forms, fell completely and utterly in love. That's right: While in Bali, I fell in love with Bali :) the place is absolutely surreal. It's crawling with JUST as many tourists as locals, and honestly, fuck New York, Bali is REALLY the city that never sleeps. Clubs go OFF every single night till 4/5 in the morn, and by then, surfers are upupup to catch the morning wave - it's insane. Yes it is completely dangerous if yu travel like an idiot, but when acting wisely, the place is a haven. If yu're one for the parties, yu canNOT retire till yu have been in Bali. It's really something yu must experience for yurself :) Bali def made me see many things like never before.

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