Monday, October 19, 2009

so let me walk with you, hold my hand

You could say that I am a very particular person. I don't mind, honestly :) I'm particular about plenty of things: the length of dresses, the thickness of fringes, the height of a heel and the amount of space I have in my bed at the end of the night. I am very particular indeed. However, above all this insanity, the one thing that drives me absolutely insane is when someone calls me something they shouldn't. See, I don't have one name that I tell everyone, and expect to be called. No, I have more names than I can count =.= So, when I tell someone to call me something, and instead they call me by a name that someone else calls me by, it absolutely shits me. No one other than Amee or K. Yan has the right to call me tiki, and I can't stand it when people who I introduce myself to as Atiqah, call me Fatti (like who do these people think they are?) Please don't call me baby unless you are my baby, and just never ever call me babe, girl or tiqs (ugghh). Despite being expected to be treated like a complete princess all the time, there is only one person who can get away with actually calling me that, hahaha :) I would punch anyone who called me Grinchwoman that wasn't Lizzle, and feel completely uncomfortable with anyone but Boo calling me Gemok. I find it a complete turn on when guys call me Atiqah in the cyber world, yet totally weird when anyone but my family call me that in real life. So after Fatti (to those who I have introduced myself to as that, of course), my most preferred way of being called is Tiqa, and though I remain completely normal when anyone else calls me by that name, I hate it when this one specific guy does because it sounds so sleazy when he does, yet go weak in the knees when another particular guy calls me by it LOL.

As i said, I am very particular :)
So please, call me by what I agreed on when we first met, unless of course there have been prior arrangements hahhahaa.


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