Sunday, August 9, 2009

baby get shakey

We had mufti day on Friday, and despite my best efforts, I still went to school looking like crap :) I never want to not have uniform. I hate my closet.
location: Randwick Girls (are) High


Midi trying to slyly stick out her tits ;)

Gracie has no idea what's going on ... ever !

Maroua putting some moves on the new maths teacher

Lizzle storming off cause of Lisa being a douhe :)

still angry ...

mat too ...

Leesal's even mad at herself ! LOL

hahah, nd now all is well.
lovee them ! ... sometimes

My Saturday was awesome :)
not in the igotsosmashedidon'tevenrememberanythingbecausegettingdrunkissocool kinda way,
but because I spent it with my cousins, siblings, aunties etc.

It isn't all unusual since my weekends are usually always spent with them,
but Saturday was nice.
and my babies grew a year older !

Amelia - My most favourite-est person in the whole world :)
due to almost raising her, she possesses many of my mannerisms.
She's fiesty, talks back like a little bitch, is an absolute princess,
and of course, just like me, her laugh is OUT of this world.

Mia making her own cupcakes - without washing her hands ! hahahah

Rhysrhysrhys ! hhahaha, my first kidd - Amelia's older brother :)
Unfortunately for them, they have the same birthday !

TAG TEAM ! He loves his soccer
... and lego, and bioncle, and transfromers T.T

I'm guessing these next three photos of Amelia's toys were taken by ma petit soeur,
and despite their so outofplace-ness, I digg em ! hahah

Sophia - she makes me want kids NOW !

I lovelovelove this picture :)
You could say Amelia is almost as prissy as her sister Hannah !

Cannot get enough of: Stuck with each other - Akon feat. Shontelle
Akon annoys the crap out of me, but I tend to really like his songs ! hahaha

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