Sunday, August 16, 2009

just one spark starts a fire

lookie at what I bought for $9 !
I was out shopping w/ momma et ma petit soeur (who she spent $170 on! uuggh) and we came across this.
Momma hated it, but I still made her buy it for me - woooooo.
I wore it to the library and wanted to wear my bikini top under it to seem all cool, like I had just been to the beach,
but decided against it because that's just beyond lame, LOL.
I feel like i'm on safari when I wear it.
I love cheap finds :)

I am ALWAYS eating.
didn't even bother putting down the wrap while taking pictures.
it explains my size huh ? hahahah

current obsession: send it on - jonas brothers, demi lovato, selena gomez and MILEY CYRUS !
shuttup, I'm still a kid okay ? =P I love my miley and selena.

- fatti xo


  1. where'd you get it, I WANT ONE ! oh and where did you take this, it looks fully mad pro.

  2. hahah, SES mahn ! My living room fool ! :)

  3. wow i'm digging the top. i want one too.
    but it wouldn't look nice on me. it definately looks gorgeous on you =D

  4. hahahha, I may or may not of just grown a million heads =P

    Iloveyoumysisterinlawish !

  5. babe it looks gawjus on ya

    word verification is: sivisret...what?

  6. thanks :) hahaha, sivisret ? beats me ! Lol