Friday, August 14, 2009

now now now now now

it's no secret that I have a million things to say.
i am always talking.
so if yu gave me a talk show, i'd never let you down.
if yu gave me a talk show, i'd be happy forever.
if yu gave me a talk show, this is what I would say right now:

"Rachel McAdams, I cannot wait till yur movie comes out.
I cannot wait to sit and fall in love with yu all over again.
I cannot, cannot wait :)"

"Call me crazy,
but I adore what Miley wore to the TCA's :)
this is one disney star with balls"

"tiffany, or whoever yu really are,
thank you.
thank you for allowing me to dream"
and Lance,
go screw yurself.
I don't want to pick my subjects for next year,
I don't want to grow old !
I only have 9 units,
and if it were up to me, I'd fuck the other four.
but the ministry of education says no.
so someone pick me another four units ? kthanx :)

if I had a talk show, I'd make my viewers vote.
if i had a talk show, that is what I would say.

god, please give me a talk show.


  1. god bless tiffany's and their jewelleries.
    ya allah, let me have a boyfriend who's willing to get me one of those necklaces...amin.