Tuesday, August 18, 2009

i wont fry your head, if you dont poach my heart

my favourite little shits in the world :)
they are always in motion,
its basically impossible to get a still shot !

this is what our conversations are like:
rhys: tiqa, you know right, the day before yesterday yesterday, amelia had a princess tantrum ! she took all of she pillows and all of shes matress and put it on the floor ! ALL because she wanted chocolate. do yu believe that ?!
fatti/me: ohmygod ! Missy, yu know you don't get anything when yu cry.
amelia: YEAAA, but I want chocolayte and rhys was crazy that night !
rhys: NO I WASN'T
amelia: YES
*and then they start screaming on top of each other*

having them run around my house is priceless entertainment.

they never stop pulling faces

and climbing all over shit !

I love these two beyond belief.
yea, we're ruthless.

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