Friday, August 21, 2009

a funny little thing

i love, love. i do.

not the needy type of love, nor the type of love that demands phone calls or texts throughout the whole day. not the sort that craves attention, for real love is not the slightest bit selfish
. but the kind of love that happens a million times a day. the smile-y sort of love that makes a person giggle to themselves for no apparent reason. the love you find in the sky or in the smile of a stranger. i love the love that makes one float and glow. the love that some find in the waves and the sand, in lightning and thunder, or in the sun and the grass. i love when the people i love, find love. when they allow themselves to fall. whether it be for the sky, a star, or the moon. i love looking into a loved ones eyes, and finding love.

i just love, love. i do.


  1. smells, if we were not already lovers and soulmates, i'd say that you are the most perfect person for me. ever.