Saturday, August 15, 2009

where you lead, I will follow

40 days. 40, 40, 40 days !

forty days till I say farewell to papa and embark on an adventure with the big sister ! forty days till I escape school and its horridness. forty days till I see my family that I've missed so much over the past year and a half. forty days till i begin my singaporebalikualalumper trip ! the 24th of september needs to hurry up. it needs to hurry so I can be at the singapore airlines gate ready to board my plane. it needs to hury, hurry, hurry up ! okay, so yes I can't count the nuber of times I've been to singapore, and I did live in kuala lumpur for a year while in boarding school, but I still get excited everytime I go :) usually when we go back home, it's w/ the entire clan, but this time, nay :) hahaha, this is the first holiday where it will just be me and ameerah. all my cousins think i'm gunna drive her absolutely mental in the onemonthandabit that we'll be spending together, and I have to say I agree completely, but she dosn't seem to think so for some odd reason. I guess she's gotten used to me after 15 years ? Both of us have never been to bali, so this should be sweeeet. We're heading off with my cousin, and when she satys in Bali for a little longer, we'll be off to Kuala Lumpur. Despite the grossness of the city, and the COMPLETE lack of delicious men, I must say that it is one of, if not my favourite place in the world - I definitely had my best year there, hands down.

As yu can see: I can't wait. I really, really, cant wait.



    see you then!

  2. yessir ! hahah, hopefully I have enough time to stop by ADNI ! :)

  3. ahaha! ok then! be sure to put on tudung efore you see any of the teachers! hehe. ;)