Monday, September 21, 2009

every sky was your own kind of blue

to all of my like what ? one reader out there ? hahaha, I apologise greatly for my lack of posts :) not that they're very interesting or anything, LOL. but anyway the past week has been insane due to the last week of ramadhan and eid and just everything. I have a few things i need to do in terms of school work before i leave in THREE days, and just have no time to do them ! I havent even started packing for my month long trip =.= nd have this english speech to do by TONIGHT. but as my "inner procrastinator" - as lizzle would call it - has decided to give me a little visit, his name btw is Aristotle, it had made it impossible to do anything. And to add onto that, Zee (the mother) has decided to chuck a mini eid open hse and so if i wanna get anything done, i shall have to sleep @ about 4 in the morn. Oh well, time spent sleeping is time wasted.

till we meet again, fatti.

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  1. I like the name of your inner procrastinator..Aristotle...pretty =)