Sunday, September 27, 2009

you take my hand and drag me head first - fearless

uugghh, for some lame ass reason, when i upload photos, they turn out like mammoth and dont fit on the page properly =/ its soooo weird ! nd hasnt happened before ! *sigggh. so screw my photo post :(

Now, for those wanting to travel to singapore for god knows what reason, here are some pointers:

- if yu dont like heat in even the SLIGHTEST way, dont come here. I was born and bred in a sunburnt country and fuck i can't stand this shit ! i constantly feel light headed :(

- there are perves everywhere ! although there is absolutely no way yu can wear anything BUT shorts and singlets, i suggest that when yu do, prepare yurself to get looked at, whistled  at and occasionally molested

- there are inadequate sings everywheeeere ! LOL yest,  me & my sister came across
" more shop upstair "
" more seatings inside "

god this place makes me laugh

- unless travelling with a snooty, prissy bitch like my older sister, catch public transport ! I can;t say much about singapore as it isnt too great (LOL), but their public transport system is amazing ! ... cabs too are cheap, so knock yurselves out !

- when going out to eat, money isn't a huge problem. I bought AUD5 of food, and couldnt even finish it cause it was so much ! hahaha,shopping however, bring plenty !

- and of course, learn to bargain ! me and ameerah SUCK at it, so we just take whats given to us =P but if yu know how, it's definitely no harm !

hahahha, travel tips on bali and kuala lumpur will soon follow =P
hope yu all are well ! i know i sure am !

xx fatti

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