Wednesday, September 2, 2009

nodding my head like yea, moving my hips like yea

it's the 12th day of ramadhan,
and routine is just about to settled in.
(do keep in mine that i am so entirely allergic
to any from of long term commitment/routine -
a month is pretty much my cut off point,
so fasting JUST makes the cut).
i'm so completely drained in every imaginable way
- and have been for the past 12 days.
everything i do feels so completely half-arsed.
i don't even feel like i'm eating sincerely.
yes, i know. tragedy.

THIS is what my days are like:
4oo am - awake to eat an uber early breakfast, + pray
5oo am - go back to sleep
8oo am - wake up for school, & attempt to make myself semi presentable in a half hour; i fail more than i succeed.
83o am - try and leave the house, ( this is usually delayed to 845 on 4 out of 5 days =P )
9oo am
- run my ass to rollcall before
miss cerkases completes the roll.
915 am - begin classes
315 pm - leave concrete jungle/randwick girls and walk up to the junction to catch a bus home
405ish pm - return home to mommas nagging voice, and sleep/do homework/tutor little shit till
545 pm - this is when the fast is broken. we eat, then pray, then eat again.
7oo pm - leave for the mosque to pray taraweh
93o pm - arrive home after a long arse prayer. do more work/read/jack shit
113o pm (at the EARLIEST) - sleep.

and repeaaaaaaat.
as you can see I am getting shit all sleep.
i dont even LIKE sleep, nor find it necessary,
yet i want it for the next 17 hours ++

apologies for the whiney post.
I hope this brightens yur day :

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  1. you brighten up my day. me and sleep are slowly getting into a bad place. a really bad place. i dont know if i can continue this futile relationship with sleep. oh fcuk you sleep.