Monday, September 7, 2009


last monday, the chicas ( well three of them ) et moi, left the house at an ungodly hour ( me personally @ seven =.= ) to be at the city by 730 to watch GUY perform, and get him to sign our CD's :)
lucky for us, on the way, me nd baybee's bus broke down.
but we managed to get there by 750 for the performance :))

us waiting in line @ the shop for guy to come.

lalala, hello guy ;) hahahah
despite the boobs,
he didn't go for me :( HAHHAHAH
after getting the CD's signed, we waited outside till he came :)

nd then finally ! weeeee :)
this was taking shortly after they hooked up !
fully satisfied, we headed off to tiffany's :)

tadaaaah :)
this is the absolute love of my life, by faaar.
okay fine, after amelia hahahha.

we were there much too early,
everything still wasn't opened yet :(
we got to school eventually...
later that afternoon ? hahahah

my tumtum hurts :( situps make me sore, and burp LOL.

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