Monday, September 14, 2009

I don't know if life is greater than death, but love was greater than either.

Nostalgia Blows.

The thirst that my throat has for the boxed Chrysanthemum Tea that Mira used supply our room with can never be quenched, as every instant tom yam noodle packet will forever take me back to the days that I used to consume the delicious bowlfuls that Lamb used to make. My legs constantly long for the comfort of long cotton pyjama pants, as not even Chanel can create something with more beauty. My ears and mouth remain connected through Lovers and Friends and Always Be My Baby, as every time any of these tunes enter my ears, I break out into immediate laughter and a cry of happiness as I remember Lala’s stupid performances and Babri’s company that fateful night we spent at the roundabout. For every time I see She’s the Man playing anywhere, I can hear Begum’s screeches in the background, and if I close my eyes, the image of us sitting through that spider scene about 40 times is as clear as yesterday. Just the mention of pepper spray places an image of Najiah and I’s little stakeout in my room that consisted of her clutching the keyring pepper spray with all her might, and me pathetically holding a long wooden rod, the both of us ready to pounce on the beast at any given moment. Then there’s Izzy. My everyday reminder of how simple life used to be

Nostalgia Blows.

it's not much at all,
but my best year was here.

chuck me a waterfall,
and i will love yu for forevermore.

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