Monday, September 7, 2009


yesterday, the siblings, most of my cousins, and i went over to my brothers place to break our fast together while the 'rents did so @ the mosque. due to the fact that they thought we were incapable of feeding ourselves, the mothers packed us up with insane amounts of food =D hahaha, we ate, ate, ate, prayed a little then spent the rest of the night playing tennis and seven player FIFA on abangs PS3 :) being the only girl playing, all the boys fought over who's team i'd go on because clearly it would be the loosing one =.= LOL, there were seven of us altogether, and i got put on the three-man team; we ended up winning two out of three games ! SCOOORE.

you could say that i'm only capable of loving one way.
i don't know how to be in love,
but i can definitely love with all my heart.

my gorgeous cousin :)
and again :)
around the ps3
"what do you find a kitchen ?"
this bitch be pimpin' ;) LOL

i definitely love these people with all my heart.

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